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“In addition to her vast knowledge, Anne-Marie’s genuine compassion is evident in every interaction. She listens intently, offering emotional support and companionship, making the journey towards the end of life a less daunting one. Anne-Marie’s unwavering dedication to her role as an End of Life Doula makes her an invaluable asset to those navigating this delicate process, providing solace and guidance during one of life’s most profound transitions.” – Shondra H. (2023)

“Anne-Marie has helped me through one of the hardest times in my life. She is amazing at it. So much patience with me as I sort through my grief. She has so much peace and knowledge about this part of a person’s life and no judgment which gives me the freedom to be real even when it’s ugly.” – Erin C. (2023)

“Anne-Marie holds a warm, safe space in the times I have felt most vulnerable and painfully raw. She has an unconditional openness about the way she allows you to transition through emotion and thought. I see how much passion she puts into her doula commitments and I would highly recommended reaching out to her during a time of need.” – Colleen V. (2024)